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Logo Qualification

All qualified companies,
can directly download
from their private area
the qualification logo
to be bestowed
on their own web site
and printed materials.

Qualifications and References

Transportonline supplies qualifications and references to all companies providing detailed information about their activities and corporate structure, also monitoring their services thanks to clients’ feedback and references, thus offering searchers the opportunity to get to know and evaluate new partners, simply and transparently.

  • How to get a Qualification?
    Free of charge, by entering accurate and transparent information into all the fields of the qualification form and providing due references.
  • What are the benefits for listed and referenced companies?
    Companies are identified on the portal with the “Qualification” logo and will appear among the top search results, getting more visibility. Moreover, they can bestow our “Qualification” logo both upon their own website and their printed materials. The logo can be directly downloaded from our portal.
  • What are the benefits for companies searching the website?
    Companies forged with the “Qualification” logo have provided detailed information about their business activities and structure along with their customers’ references. Furthermore they grant the full observance of current legislation along with the regulations and ethics of our portal Transportonline. A simple and transparent way to meet new partners and referenced suppliers.


Buyers are invited to provide feedback on the purchased services, contributing to the rating of listed companies.

All qualified companies agree to submit to constant evaluation by registered users, who may interact by posting comments on purchased services.

Transportonline management is authorised to remove the qualification to those listed companies, whose services are not consistent with the published information.




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