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06 Apr 2021

TIR solving post-Brexit transit headaches



The UK government has organised a series of webinars in EU countries to raise awareness of post-Brexit trade solutions, in particular TIR.

The virtual events, held by the British embassies in Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania, emphasised the key role of the road transport industry in economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, which makes managing post-Brexit trade all the more important.


IRU member in Romania UNTRR worked with the British Embassy to organise the series of webinars, which were also supported by AEBTRI and MKFE, IRU members in Bulgaria and Hungary.


Speaking to senior government representatives including transport ministers and ambassadors, IRU Director of TIR and Transit Services, Tatiana Rey-Bellet, outlined the significant benefits of the TIR system for businesses and customs authorities in both the EU and the UK. She also highlighted how TIR is particularly useful for high-value and consolidated cargo. Read more


Source: IRU




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