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What is Transportonline?
Transportonline is a Community of businesses interested in purchasing or selling shipping, transport, logistics and supply services for goods handling. It provides an outstanding information service aiming at facilitating interaction between clients and suppliers, improving your business and enabling you to gain a competitive edge, whilst saving money.

About us
We are qualified publishers specialised in circulating information about services offered by companies operating within the goods transport industry. Since 1926 we have published the Tuveri Guide, a list of transport professionals. Since 1996 we have edited Transportonline, the first online portal dedicated to goods transport and logistics and in May 2013 we launched the Logistics Community.

Our goals
Improving business and competitiveness of all registered companies.

How does it work?
Registration is free (from any country in the world) for client companies belonging to trade and industry and for all professionals involved in the sector. Road transport companies must enter their professional association registration number. Free services. Registered users can access the reserved area to fill in their professional profile and publish free of charge:

Registered users can also request:

Registered users are solely responsible for safekeeping the access codes and publishing information complying with the Community regulations and ethics.

Qualifications and References.
Transportonline supplies qualifications and references to all companies providing detailed information about their activities and corporate structure, also monitoring their services thanks to clients’ feedback and references, thus offering searchers the opportunity to get to know and evaluate new partners, simply and transparently.

Buyers are invited to provide feedback on the purchased services, contributing to the rating of listed companies. All qualified companies agree to submit to constant evaluation by registered users, who may interact by posting comments on purchased services. Transportonline management is authorised to remove the qualification to those listed companies, whose services are not consistent with the published information.

“Press Review” Newsletter.
It groups together the headlines of the daily published news on the portal and is sent to all registered companies together with commercial information about companies and sponsors.

“Search & Offer” – Supply and Demand meet each other.
Registered companies can publish their own advertisements free of charge in order to offer or request services in the fields of shipping, transport, logistics, supplies, vehicles, personnel or other areas. Advertisements are completely free and unmonitored. Publishing advertisements on behalf of a third party is strictly forbidden. All companies are committed to complying with the ethics and regulations of the portal as well as all conditions agreed between the parties for the services offered or provided through the above mentioned advertisements. They therefore undertake their full civil and penal responsibility of their actions

Buying Group – The more we are, the more we save.
Purchase and sell improving your competitiveness. Publish your special offers’ proposals in order to help registered companies to save on management costs and generate new business relationships for your company. View all published offers and submit your own request to join. All registered companies can publish special offers which they intend to reserve for Transportonline clients, undertaking to:

The non-observance of the agreement will result in the expulsion of the supplier from the community. PREMIUM clients asking to join the published offers are informed that:

PREMIUM Subscription.

By subscribing online registered companies may use following PREMIUM services:

Users may purchase

Ethics and Regulations

Transportonline wishes to present a community where users share information in a professional and sincere manner, respecting third party intellectual property rights. Companies registered with Transportonline accept the community’s ethics and undertake to operate in compliance with the laws and regulations governing goods transport and logistics services by providing accurate information on the offered services. Transportonline is not responsible for information published by users who, in turn, assume their full civil and penal responsibility. Transportonline reserves the right to remove or disable access to specific published content as soon as it receives credible notification that this content is inaccurate, misleading or illegal. Transportonline reserves the right to change regulations, conditions, prices and promotions on the basis of current commercial policies, as well as to provide free of charge and for brief trial periods selected paid services. Transportonline hosts links to third party websites that, in turn, may contain links to Transportonline. In any event Transportonline cannot be held liable for any damages that arise from or are in any way connected to the use (impossibility to use) of published information. Registered companies agree to receive the “Press Review” Newsletter, as well as any other communication from the management department. This service may be disabled at any time by contacting Transportonline.

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