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Green Visibility

The news and companies
oriented toward
sustainability are
highlighted with
the green logo.

Green visibility

Sustainability-oriented news and companies are highlighted with the green logo.

Our editorial staff highlights with Green logo companies in research also according information on sustainability in transport and logistics that companies publish through press releases and interviews in both News and Green Logistics Experience section.

Visibility of companies, in our search engine, is set by an algorithm that meets these criteria: Premium SuperVIP customers appear first, customers Premium VIP next, then Premium customers and finally registered companies for free.

Within the purchased subscription range, the algorithm sets a score and gives priority to companies to companies that have best completed their profile, indicating offered services, company showcase references, photogallery etc.

Companies identified with the Green Logo get further visibility also at the bottom of the page in the section "Companies in Green visibility", in which they are highlighted in rotation.




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