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  • Via Gaudenzio Ferrari 21/C
  • 21047 - Saronno - (VA)
  • Lombardia
  • Italy
  • Type of Company:
  • Services and supplies
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  • Services
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  • Transport and logistics consultancy


STRATEGIC LOGISTIC CONSULTING We support top management (C-level) in the strategic assessment of the logistics structure, as well as in the analysis of consistency with other functions (sales, marketing, finance, etc.), in order to improve their balance and strength. We evaluate the trends and opportunities in the logistics field when making strategic business decisions, for the creation of a competitive advantage within the relevant market. LOGISTICS NETWORK ANALYSIS AND DESIGN We analyse the current flows, the organizational structure, the constraints and the objectives and we design (green-field) the ideal customized, robust and scalable distribution / logistics network, even in complex, multifunctional and omni-channel systems. We pay special attention to environmental, economic and social sustainability parameters. ANALYSIS OF INDUSTRIAL AND DISTRIBUTIVE LOGISTIC PROCESSES We analyse the logistics activities within the production / packaging plants, the logistical storage sites and the distribution network. We evaluate the supply base, the level of outsourcing and integration with partners. We identify areas of risk and improvement (BPR) and organizational opportunities (integration and rationalization of the supply base). We apply continuous improvement models (Kanban) and evaluate the best technical solutions (equipment), technological solutions (automation, tools for interaction and information exchange) and financial solutions (supply chain finance). LOGISTICS DESIGN The in-house design of logistics flows or its total or partial outsourcing is usually an important strategic choice and must therefore be studied carefully - firstly, careful mapping of the activities and the added value they generate is needed - in this phase of the project, the aim is to minimize the impact of low value-added activities and related costs. The analysis of flows and spaces is conducted according to the same principles, seeking the best balance between the effective and functional use of the spaces and the optimization of the routes within the sites - the final model undergoes a simulation on an annual basis, to verify its robustness in the face of periods of stress such as seasonal peaks or promotional campaigns. TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS SECTOR We offer strategic consultancy for the optimization of flows, the implementation of dynamic transport planning systems, the review of the fleet supplier, tendering and activity-based costing. We carry out analysis and restructuring of the sales network, reengineering of sales processes, development of CRM systems, the review of incentive models, and the review of pricing and internationalization models.


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